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Why Social Media Matter?

Posted by Jennifer Garth on

The importance of social media in the entertainment industry is larger than ever. Sports, movies, and fashion studios used to promote their content through television or commercials. Nowadays celebrities send tweets all the time, and information is much faster. Social media has become more of a key player in the world than anyone could have foreseen. You can connect your social media accounts by providing links to Soundcloud, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


Fans go to social media to have a global conversation about major world and entertainment events. In the course of the last three years television networks have been actively experimenting with methods, and special techniques to keep fans engaged during the events.


Another example of social media’s great impact on the entertainment industry is the fact that recent information tells us that both movie studios, and fashion brands are taking advantage, of the Snapchat app to sell the product to the right consumer. From the very beginning the Academy Awards were already popular, but when people’s addiction to social media was exploited the Academy Awards became more relevant than ever before. This year’s event was even more popular with 3.3 million views going viral in a matter of seconds.


When it comes to movies and television shows, people take to social media to express their opinions in seconds without any hesitation. Loyal fans started a social media campaign on sites like Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook so as to increase enthusiasm.


The main reason social media is so crucial for the modern entertainment industry is because it’s an excellent marketing machine that informs everyone when a new film is coming out. Social media is useful in finding out what people loved and hated about the show, or creating a buzz about a certain product that they want to sell. The power of social media and it’s viral marketing has enabled the film industry to stay afloat. It connects fans directly with the film, and producers while simultaneously minimizing marketing and distribution costs.


Social media is practically number one today in terms of promoting films regardless of the budget or the size. Film studios such as Universal Pictures have become extremely creative with the interactive marketing campaign that they launched around the famous animated film called Despicable Me. The marketing campaign involves releasing mobile-controlled digital ads that will end up spanning five different European countries. To capture the attention of millions marketing content has evolved, and is becoming more and more creative and encapsulating. 

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