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365 Marketing Web offers Branding and Digital Media Marketing For Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.


We provide Crowdfunding Campaigns, Press Release Writing/Submission and Distribution as well as Twitter and Instagram verification services.


Social  media marketing provides a huge opportunity for filmmakers, producers, and music industry people to get consumers engaged with their brand. 

Actors can easily connect with casting directors, and talent agencies to advance their acting career.

We are seeing a huge increase in entertainment marketing, particularly in regards to the growing adoption of social media within the film and music industry.

We have helped a large number of actors, singers, filmmakers, bloggers, fashion industry professionals as well as small business owners and large corporations.. Our social media marketing is customized to serve every type of industry.


For the past few years Hollywood has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube Crowdfunding, and other Social Network outlets to work with.
The film industry is using social media to create alternate reality campaigns, build awareness, connect with fans, promote products, and reshape the industry.
Some of the industries we work with
Small Businesses, Entertainment Industry (singers, actors, filmmakers, production companies, and studios), Bloggers, and Fashion Industry. 
If you are thinking what the new age media is, then it's got to be social media!
People are glued to the different social networking channels, and if it is about creating a buzz about your brand and feeling its rippling effect, then social engagement is the key. 
So let your brand gain publicity.  
Let your  fans/followers  know about you, your brand, be receptive to their suggestions, do away with your loopholes, emerge stronger, and score over your rivals.


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